Thursday, February 11, 2010

Library Book Attack!

Greetings, book lovers!, dog lovers? cat lovers?!

...oh, pshaw! Hello ALL!

I recently discovered a gorgeous and ULTRA-close-to-me library, went in and signed up for a brand spankin' new library card! Yay! (Pictures forthcoming, too!) Went in to find myself deliriously wandering the rows and rows of neatly arranged books and, what started as an innocent excursion/exploration, evolved into a full blown...


At this juncture, you're probably wondering: What the heck is a library book attack?

Well, it's simple really. Someone, such as myself, (i.e. a major book gobbling fiend!) visits their local library thinking they might find ONE book they can happily check out, take home, kick back in an easy chair and read at their leisure, only...

...the library shelves begin to lean in, teasingly proffering their most varied and lovely treasures until, before you know what's happening, you have not one! not two! not even three! books in your trembling hands, but a towering stack of FIVE BOOKS!!

Hehem. And here's what the libary attacked me with:

Fingersmith ~ Sarah Waters
The History of Love ~ Nicole Krauss
Neuromancer (20th Anniv. Ed.) ~ William Gibson
Sunnyside ~ Glen David Gold
Drown ~ Juñot Diaz

THIS on top of a handful of reads I'm already partaking in! Which are...

Thief of Time ~ Terry Pratchett
My Life In France ~ Julia Child
The Coyote Road ~ Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling

Le sigh. Can't help it; surround me with a few good titles, and I am utterly helpless.

Something tells me I best get reading.

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