Monday, January 19, 2009

Book Review: Blankets by Craig Thompson

If I could jump up and down and cheer in addition to writing a review of this wonderful book, and as a result, get more people to sit down and read it, I certainly would .

This is not a "comic book" in the sense that most folks take the term to mean (read: poseable action figures, collector's trading cards, movie tie-ins, etc.) There are no multi-powered, spandexed super heroes or super villains in this plot - only the everyday kind, the ones who look just like you and me and pass us in the street everyday.

This is an illustrated or graphic novel (in the official trade lingo) from one of the brightest talents writing and drawing today. A tender and painful story based on Thompson's own life, Blankets is a marriage of words and pictures that will lead you through the complexities of childhood, family, love, hope, despair, time, memory and healing - in no less than 582 black & white pages.

Highly recommended for all us grown-ups looking for great literature in the not-so-obvious form it can sometimes take in th
e hands of a truly gifted creator.


Alea said...

I remember reading this one fondly! I love comics and graphic novels but stay away from the super hero stuff, lots of great indie stuff out there!

The Book Gobbler said...

Indeed there is, Alea! This is one of my favs...